Top 5 hikes and treks to do in the French Alps




You plan to travel to the french Alps? You’re ahead of a beautiful and amazing trip! But let’s face it : everything is stunning in the mountains. Wonderful views, friendly places, you will encounter a lot of enriching and powerful moments in the French Alps.



Now you know that there is a lot to see, you may want to take full advantage of your trip. Whether you plan to stay for a week or more, we may have the perfect hikes for you to do in the Alps!



Some of them are several days treks and some can be done in one day for you to enjoy a peculiar place!



Discover our top 5 hikes in the French Alps, starting with our number 5 (we keep the best for last!).




5. The col de la croix du Bonhomme


At the border of two french departments (Savoy and Haute-Savoie), from where it earns its name (“croix” means cross), the pass near the refuge of the same name is 2412m high in altitude and offer a 360° point of view.



Although this hike is included in the Tour du Mont Blanc, it can also be done independently, with only one night in refuge, or just in a day.



At the top of the pass, you will not only see Mont Blanc, but also the lake of Roselend, located near Beaufort (in Savoy) where one of the best cheese in the Alps is made.




The landscape is beautiful, green but rocky. You may believe you’re going from summer to winter, all at the same place, with the firn (patches of snow that stay during summer), and the high white peaks in the background. 



If you want to discover this beautiful landscape, you can start from the cormet de roselend and do the hike by your own, or book one of our Mont Blanc Tour where the hike is included. 






4. A hike between giants : The Chamonix-Zermatt route 


We digress a little here with a not exclusively french hike: we talk about the trek between Chamonix (France) and Zermatt (Swiss). But at it is starting in France, this trek has its place here. Be aware though, that this is a demanding route and you need to be used to hikes on somehow difficult trails. 



The reward for this hike is however one of a kind: An amazing journey from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn (called “Mont Cervin” in french), two wonderful peaks



The route, which was opened by british climbers at the end of the 19th century, this route will be paced with several pass climbs, which offer amazing views on some of the highest peaks of the Alps, each above 4000m of altitude : Dent Blanche, Zinalrothorn, Weisshorn... and finally the Matterhorn. 



You will also confirm that animals don’t know the borders, and see ibexes along the way, as well as other alpine species. 



If you choose to hike with us, your last day of trip will be an amazing 3,5 hours hike to admire the mythic pyramid, the Matterhorn. 



You feel ready for this hike ? Book our trek between Mont Blanc and Matterhorn






3. Around the Aiguilles Rouges, An easy trek for everyone


We continue this top five with a easy and beautiful trek around the “Red Needles” or "Aiguilles Rouges" in french.



If you want to have amazing views on the Mont Blanc Range, and you’re not confident about your hiking level, this tour is for you !



Accessible to beginners, this hike is crossing a natural reserve : you will see a lot of Ibexes, Chamois and Marmots, in their natural habitats. The nature is surrounding you anytime, you will see flowers and plants native from the alps, as wildlife is closely protected in the reserve.



In summer, an explosion of green will welcome you, and you will beable to take stunning pics of the animals and plants.



But that’s not all: Around the Aiguilles Rouges you will find amazing mountain lakes! They may be a bit crowded, but trust us, this is worth the view!



You may hike in the Aiguilles Rouges during just one day, but the complete tour is six days long, with night in refuges, you’ll eat every night delicious and local meals, which adds to the magic of the tour.



Discover the natural reserve of the Aiguilles Rouges in 6 days.





2. A hike at “Lac Blanc”: you won’t want to miss it! 


One week around the Aiguilles Rouges seems to much for you but you still want to go there? We got you a backup plan! And an outstanding one! 



Have you ever heard of Lac Blanc (literally translated as “White Lake”)? This place is amazing. Beautiful mirror water on two lakes (one at an altitude of 900m and the second at 1200m high), amazing views and accessible in three to four hours at moderate pace, it is something to see if you are in the Alps. 



And wait there is even more: You can stay a night there! Be aware though that you have to call ahead of your trip to have a place, as the refuge is often really crowded. 



To access Lac Blanc, you can take a cable car trip from Chamonix (be there before the opening if you don’t want to wait forever). This is the first and exciting part of your climbing, and the reward at the top is worth it: a view on the Mont Blanc range. 



Then you’ll have to walk on an easy path at the beginning before arriving on a slightly more sharp trail. Don’t worry, we assure you that you can do it! 






1. The Amazing hike around Mont Blanc: the “Tour du Mont Blanc” 


We couldn’t do this top 5 hikes in the French Alps without talking about the complete tour around Mont Blanc!



The most popular trekking in the Alps is passing through 3 different countries, but Mont Blanc summit is located in France (although being extremely close to the italian border).



You will discover amazing valleys, beautiful peaks, high passes, green meadows, wonderful lakes, glaciers and charming hamlets. You can read our article about panoramic point of view around Mont Blanc to discover more about what you’ll see.



With a guided tour you will learn about the animals, the flora, and the inhabitants of the region. Your Guide will accompany you at your own pace, allowing you to enjoy your hike.



On the Mont Blanc Tour you can choose your housing, with the different formula, and you may also choose the duration of your trek, as the tour is flexible and adaptable to your desire and budget.



We recommend however to book a guided tour because you’ll have to speak 3 languages, be sure you have reserved housing, be able to navigate on the trails… And with a guide, everything will be easier, and as we said, you’ll have access to knowledge about mountain wildlife that you will often encounter.



Feeling Classic for your Tour du Mont Blanc? Choose our 7 days trek around Mont Blanc, or if you have some time, our Tour du Mont Blanc in 10 days.






Hiking in the French Alps in short 


You’d have realised at this point that mountains have a lot of wonderful things to show. Landscapes, wildlife, atmosphere and imagination… 



The french Alps, and especially around Mont Blanc, are completely different depending on where you are, and you may see completely different scenery if you are moving to the next valley. 



It is easier to go with a guide as you don’t have to worry about the housing, the route, and the meals, and it has the advantage to let you discover the area you are in. You can take your time to ask question and to watch, as you go on the trail, with your friend or family. 



Hiking is all about pleasure and enjoying your walk, regarding your own goals. Whether it is for a day or more, you will always be satisfied at the end of the day. 



Our tips : if you stay overnight in a refuge, you will see the mountain with dusk and dawn colors, which is kind of magic. 



You’ve come in the French Alps before ? Wanna share your best hiking experience ? Let us know in the comments!



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